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Using its vertically-integrated spectrum of logistics services, CLA is able to manage the door-to-door delivery of customer goods, simplifying the complete process and saving customers both time and money. What’s more, with adherence to strict cargo security protocols and hands-on care and control of customer goods, CLA provides true peace of mind, with a full suite of electronic services that allow tracking, tracing and monitoring of each shipment. CLA is particularly noted for its extensive and unparalleled experience in moving cargo to any point in China via rail, truck or barge. Managed through three hundred local offices, CLA has the expertise, routes and services that extend throughout Asia and the Far East.

Efficiently moving goods and cargo across the spectrum of transport services is a hallmark of CLA’s leadership in the logistics industry.  More than just loading from truck to rail to ocean carrier, CLA provides the ancillary warehousing, domestic and international consolidation, and distribution services that support effective inventory management, faster order cycle times, and lower overall operating costs.

In addition, customers can look to CLA for special but essential services such as cross-docking, transloading, light assembly and packaging, reverse logistics, dispatch services, bonded services, blocking and bracing, and automated warehouse management services.